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Annual HOA 
Easter Egg Hunt

Sunday April 13th
2pm - 4pm

Crafts, Games, Prizes & More!
Hot Dogs, Nachos & Juice Boxes
FLP Children & Grandchildren

Volunteers Needed!
Please contact FLP HOA Social Chair, Candy, if you can help: 917.9673

FLP HOA Annual Dues are PAST Due by now if you have not paid.  Please contact the board to prevent a lien on your home

For your convenience, you can now pay your dues online! 

You can use debit, credit cards or PayPal 
 *you do not need a paypal account to do this

Select your amount due and type in your address, then hit "Pay Now"

Lot only or Lot with Boat Storage
Please input your FLP address

Every Saturday at 10:00am

Becky Offenbacher is teaching our clinics, please contact
her with your questions and to sign up: tennisbecko@yahoo.com

Thanks for Serving on the Board!

Warning Bad Guys:
Our neighborhood is under Video Surveillance!